Software Development & Business Solutions

Small Business Software Solutions

Innovate, Plan, Develop, ReviewHarmonic Mix is a small business and recognizes the competitive advantages that software solutions can bring to this environment. We understand that expensive solutions for our business just don't make sense. What makes sense is the right solution. We know other businesses are looking for the same mix of people, technology and processes to help run smoothly. Harmonic Mix brings business processes to the fore front and our goal is to find solutions that fit your organization. Solutions provided by Harmonic Mix and touched on common business tasks like:

  • Sales Management
  • Work Order Processing
  • Scheduling people and equipment
  • Call center appointment management
  • Data entry and Document Management
  • Business intelligence and financial metrics
  • Marketing and Web Brand Integration

Benefits of Custom Solutions for Business Processes

Custom solutions benefit organizations by mapping directly to a company's defined needs and maximizes results. There are key areas in a business where this can be valuable and by leveraging the experience of Harmonic Mix, we can assist with creating an affordable solution that can be built quickly to make things easier. Goals of a custom solution focus on one or more of the following areas.

  • Focus on improvements to your internal organization
  • Targeted on a new business strategy or competitive advantage
  • Integration or extensions of internal systems

When does a custom software solution make sense?

  • An off the shelf solution doesn't match a current business process
  • It increases the efficiency of an organizations operations
  • The organization believes in a long term investment
  • The strategic direction justifies the initial costs

Leverage what you have

Lastly, we understand how important it is to use software you currently own. We also understand the importance of using main stream tools as a solid foundation. By preserving the investment you have already made and using industry standard tools and systems, we provide custom solutions that will last your organization longer and be able to continue to evolve, leveraging new technologies and platforms as they become mainstream.